AWAKENED is available in full on Swoon Reads!


You guys, I’m so excited!

A couple of weeks ago, a Wattpad writer friend told me about a site called Swoon Reads.

Swoon Reads publishes under Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan. They publish Young Adult love stories with the help of their readers! It’s like crowd-sourcing for books! Ahhhh!

The moment I saw it, I knew I had to finish writing AWAKENED (the first book in my new paranormal romance series) and get it on Swoon Reads before the next deadline (May 31st for any YA romance writers out there!).

Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised at how much I worked my ass off to get this manuscript done. The moment I found out when the deadline to submit for the next round was, I gave myself a week to finish AWAKENED. I was only about 20K words into it, and it needed to be at least 50K for submission, so it was a big call.

For the next 7 days, all I did was sit at my dining table and write. From the moment I got up in the morning until my eyes were too sore to go on at night. I should take a moment here to mention that I have a very swoonworthy husband who cooked dinner for me every single night while I was sucked in to the writing vortex.

My entire world revolved around Echo, Wren, Jai, Sova and Nyxie. And it was awesome!

And I did it! I wrote 30K words in just over a week! I hit 50K words!

I took a few minutes to celebrate…

And then I dove deep into editing. Tweaking. Scrapping. Rearranging. Re-writing.

My awesome husband read it, offered suggestions and corrections, and then I did it all again. And again.

Yesterday, after a final read through, I formatted it to fit the Swoon Reads requirements, wrote the short and long descritpions, whipped up a few promo images, and then hit SUBMIT with trembling fingers.


So, if you like reading YA Paranormal Romance stories – especially ones about witches and hunters! – please do check it out. Leave a comment under the book on Swoon Reads with your feedback. Tell me what you loved about it (hint: Jai is swoonworthy) and what you think could be improved.

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D E S C R I P T I O N :

Echo thought she was safe.

She thought she could hide from the shriekers that took her parents, until they began to crave her soul.

She thought she could run from her Intueri power, until it threatened to burst from the seams of her skin.

She thought she could protect her heart from love, until she met the handsome hunter with a past as troubled as her own.

Yes, Echo thought she was safe. But she’ll soon find out she was very, very wrong.

A YA Paranormal Romance story of true love, magick, courage and sisterhood, AWAKENED is the first book in the much anticipated new series from the author of The Eva Series, a Wattpad featured series with almost 3 million combined reads.


Here’s a sneak peek from AWAKENED:


I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks on social media over the next few weeks, so come join the fun!

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Stay awesome!

Jen xo