Book Two + Breaking Bad

Yes! Happy Breaking Bad Day!

And, happy new chapter day! That’s right, I actually posted a new chapter today. YAY!

It’s still just a draft, but it’s ready. And I’ll be uploading a new chapter every weekday (Mon-Fri).

Read the new chapter {Chapter Eight} of Book Two: Eva Wilde Vs The Open Road here.

I have to admit I’m excited and nervous to see the reaction from readers. I hope book two lives up to the excitement and hype that book one received – and is still receiving!

Thanks to everyone for the constant stream of reads, fans, comments and kind messages. I still get so blown away that my work is being read and loved by so many awesome people!

Speaking of awesome people, shout out to Eva Wilde fan Maggie and her friend for drawing this super cool picture of Eva and Jo:


How awesome is that?!

Well, I’m off to watch the new ep of Breaking Bad!