My Plans For The ‘Eva’ Series

I just wanted to share that I’m currently working on the third installment of the Eva series! I’m half way through writing the first draft of Eva Wilde & The Race To Freedom right now.

Once I’ve finished it and had it proofread, I’ll be sharing it on Wattpad for all the awesome readers who’ve been so patiently waiting for it.

While I’m posting it on Wattpad, I’ll be going back to the first book to revise, edit and expand it.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the characters, especially the female characters of Eva and Jo, and how I could give them more substance – especially in the first book.

My writing has evolved since I started working on the Eva series in 2012, and I’ve gained a much deeper appreciation and understanding of writing real female characters. My desire is to make my characters less of a stereotype and more, well, real.

Mostly, this desire stems from my frustration with the way women are represented in media. I’ll write more about this soon, but for now I just want to give readers a heads up that when the Eva series is officially published, the story and characters will be different – in a good way.

I’ll be changing the titles of the series and each book, for reasons that I’ll explain soon also.

Over the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Eva series and how I can improve it, and I’ll be spending the next few months working on editing, re-writing and adding to it before publishing it on Amazon, iBooks etc later this year.

So for anyone wondering what’s been happening with this series, I hope this post answers some of your questions.

I’m really excited about breathing new life into Eva, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Thank you so much for your patience and for the daily messages of encouragement. I’m so grateful to have such an awesome global cheersquad on Wattpad 🙂

Jen xo

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