S U R P R I S E ! Book Three is here!


I have FINALLY finished the third book in The Eva Series!

Starting today, I’ll be uploading a chapter each weekday (Mon – Fri).

Start reading it here.

And as you’ll see on Wattpad, I’ve also made some big changes to the series.

N E W   T I T L E S:

I’ve changed the titles of each book, and the series as well.

Eva Wilde Vs The Zombie Apocalypse is now AS THEY RISE.

Eva Wilde Vs The Open Road is now WHILE WE FALL.

Eva Wilde And The Race To Freedom is now BEFORE IT FADES.

And instead of The Eva Wilde Trilogy, it’s now THE EVA SERIES.

Why did I change the titles, you might be asking?

Three reasons.

1. I’ve outgrown those titles. They were fine when I first started, but as the story and characters have changed, I don’t think those titles suit the series anymore. And as a writer, I wanted the titles to be shorter and more powerful. I’ve been trying to decide on new titles for a while now, and I’m really happy with what I chose.

2. With my surname and the surname of my main character the same (Wilde), it’s too confusing. I’ll be changing Eva’s name throughout the series before I publish the books later this year, so it just made sense to leave her surname out of the title entirely.

3. There’s an Australian movie coming out here this year called ‘Me And My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse.’ It’s about a zombie outbreak in Australia, but as it’s a comedy, it’s vastly different from my story. Still, with our titles so similar, it gave me another reason to change mine to something that better suited my story.

N E W   C O V E R S :


You’ll also notice I’ve changed my covers too. The older covers were great, but my Photoshop skills have grown since I created those so I wanted to make more professional covers that featured a heroine. I really love the new covers and I think they suit the series perfectly.

I’ve also created a desktop and phone wallpaper set for you, which I’ve offered as a thank you gift for my newsletter subscribers. You can download these wallpapers by joining my newsletter here.

I really hope you love BEFORE IT FADES. Remember to follow me on Wattpad to be notified of every new chapter upload.

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Stay awesome!

Jen xo

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