Sensitivity Reading

Hire Me As Your Sensitivity Reader!

I’m now offering my services as a Sensitivity Reader for YA/NA fiction projects. I’m taking expressions of interest for projects.


What I can read for (ie: my identities):

  • Autistic
  • Bisexual/Queer
  • Genderfluid (she/her/they/them pronouns)
  • Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, sometimes manifesting as panic attacks and OCD tendencies)


My experience:

I’m a YA author, writing horror, paranormal and contemporary romance. I’ve also worked as a proofreader and editor for blog/magazine articles.


What I’ll read:

All YA and NA, but with a preference for romance – especially if it’s #OwnVoices and/or queer.


What I won’t read:

– Stories in which the disabled/queer character meets a tragic end.

– Stories in which the Autistic character is portrayed as a burden to their family/friends or as inspiration porn.

– Stories that include rape, sexual assault or romanticize abusive relationships.

Please understand that being a sensitivity reader can be very emotionally taxing, so in order to protect myself I’ve opted not to take projects with the above tropes or themes.

NOTE: There are plenty of resources online to help writers craft inclusive stories without causing harm. Here are just a few that I recommend:

We Need Diverse Books
Diversity In YA
Disability In KidLit
Gay YA


What I’ll do as a sensitivity reader:

– Look for ableism, homophobia, biphobia, bierasure, transphobia, etc.

– Point out any microagressions, slurs, stereotypes, and any harmful rep, and suggest ways to fix it.

Basically, my job is to locate bias in the work and suggest ways to fix it. While I can point out problematic elements or suggest edits/rewrites, I cannot fix it for you. You have to be the one to do the work.

Please note: you will have some level of problematic elements in your story. No one is free of privilege and bias. We all make mistakes, and my job is to catch all I can in your manuscript and suggest possible solutions. That doesn’t guarantee I’ll catch everything (after all, I have my own privilege and bias to contend with) but I’ll do my best.

I also recommend getting more than one sensitivity reader to review your manuscript.


What I don’t do:

– Proofreading or editing.





Full Manuscript Sensitivity Read

$250 for 50-60k words

Throughout your manuscript, I’ll leave comments with any notes or suggestions about what I like or what might need work. You’ll also receive a 1-2 page edit letter, expanding on my in-line comments and providing any suggestions or solutions to problematic elements. If necessary, I’ll also share resources on writing marginalized characters that could help further.


Individual Scenes/Partial Manuscript/Short Story Sensitivity Read

$35 per 10k words

As with the full manuscript read, I’ll leave comments throughout your scenes/partial/short story with any notes or suggestions about what I like or what might need work. You’ll receive a short edit letter, expanding on my in-line comments and providing any suggestions or solutions to problematic elements. If necessary, I’ll also share resources on writing marginalized characters that could help further.


Sensitivity Consulting


As a Sensitivity Consultant, I’ll provide advice and assistance as you create your Autistic/Bisexual/Genderfluid/Anxious character, over a four week period. You can email me anytime throughout the four weeks with questions or ideas that you want feedback on. I’ll also share resources to help focus your research on relevant character identities. However, this service does not include reading any scenes, full outlines or manuscripts – those are additional services you can add on anytime during the consulting process, or you can purchase the Full Package below.


Synopsis/Outline Sensitivity Review


I’ll give you notes and/or suggestions on your story synopsis/outline. If necessary, I’ll also share resources that could help further.

Please note: this is designed to help writers who have an outline for their story but are still in the writing/drafting stage. I still recommend getting a full sensitivity read of manuscripts.


#AmWriting Package


This service includes both the Sensitivity Consulting and the Synopsis/Outline Review. This service is aimed to assist authors still in the drafting/writing stages of their manuscript.


Full Package


All of the above, from Sensitivity Consulting & Synopsis/Outline Review, to Scene/Partial Reviews & Full Manuscript Sensitivity Read.



“To say that I am grateful for Jen’s sensitivity read of my YA novel THE NOWHERE GIRLS would be an understatement. Her deep reading, astute observations, resource suggestions, and personal feedback transformed my book.

Before working with her, I was writing stereotypes without even knowing it. She challenged me to go further, to truly understand my character’s experience with Asperger’s from my character’s point of view. It is sensitive work, and she was a perfect balance of thoughtful and direct.

If you are writing characters on the Autism spectrum and you want to make sure you are fully respecting and honoring their stories, I absolutely recommend working with Jen.”

– Amy Reed, author of Beautiful, Clean, Crazy, Over You, Damaged, Invincible, and Unforgivable. THE NOWHERE GIRLS forthcoming (Simon Pulse, Fall 2017).



– First, ensure your manuscript is close to submission ready, i.e: it has been proofread or edited by others.

– I require payment before I start any new project, and there are no refunds. My preferred payment method is through PayPal.

– Turnaround time can be between 15-30 days, but this can change depending on my other projects or my own writing deadlines.

– It might take me a few days to a week to get back to you after you first contact me. Please be patient.



Send the following to jenmariewilde (at) live (dot) com, with ‘Sensitivity Read’ in the subject.

1. Your name, the genre/title of your book, and the word count.

2. The service you are interested in hiring me for, eg: Full Manuscript Sensitivity Read.

3. What you want me to sensitivity read for – i.e. autistic/bi/genderfluid/anxiety rep.



DISCLAIMER: While I can point out negative representation in your work, I cannot and do not speak for all people who share my identities and intersectionalities. Sensitivity readers do not absolve your work from criticism. Sensitivity readers are not shields from the criticism of others. Hiring me as a sensitivity reader is not necessarily an endorsement of your work.