The Cast Of The Eva Wilde Trilogy

A lot of readers have said that reading Eva Wilde is like watching a movie. As a movie buff, this a HUGE compliment for me, so thank you!

I started thinking about who I would want to play Eva, Wyatt, Jo and Ben in a movie version of The Eva Wilde Trilogy. Here’s who I chose:


Eva: Phoebe Tonkin

This is almost exactly how I pictured Eva to look. I think Phoebe could play Eva as the tough, kickass heroine that I wrote her to be.

Wyatt: Ryan Kwanten

At first, I pictured Chris Hemsworth as Wyatt, but then I started watching True Blood and loved Ryan in it so much that I changed my mind. I know Wyatt is very different from his character in True Blood, but I think he could pull it off.

Jo: Teresa Palmer

Teresa is almost exactly how I pictured Jo while I was writing.

Ben: Xavier Samuel

Ever since I started writing the Eva Wilde Trilogy, Xavier was who I imagined would be Ben. This photo is a perfect Ben photo, too, with the brooding expression.

Best of all, every one of these amazing actors is Australian, which is a must if the Eva Wilde Trilogy were ever to be made into a movie.

What do you think?

Who would you like to see playing the Eva Wilde gang in a movie?

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Love Jen.