Update on Book One + Hints to the Future

Hi there!

I’ve been writing and editing Eva Wild Vs The Zombie Apocalypse a lot this week, as well as posting a new chapter to wattpad every weekday. The response it’s received in just over a week has been truly amazing, I can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouraging comments and votes! I’m having so much fun writing this story, so to know people are out there enjoying it is just beyond awesome.

I decided last week to add a new chapter in the middle, creating more of a deeper look into Ben, but I know it’s going to be tough emotionally to write, so I’ve been putting it off a bit. When I first started writing this book, I was expecting it to be more like Shaun Of The Dead than The Walking Dead; more comedic and light-hearted than serious and realistic. But it seems it has taken a life of it’s own, growing more into a story of survival than silliness. I really like where it’s going, and can’t wait to see what more will happen, especially in Books Two and Three.

I’ve essentially got the whole trilogy mapped out, I know how it’s going to end for Eva, Wyatt, Ben and Jo. I think it’s pretty original – I certainly haven’t seen it done before – so I’m excited to see what others think of it. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here!

I’ll continue to upload a new chapter every weekday until it’s completed, which should be around the first week of January, depending on how much I decide to add in to the book. I’ve found that uploading something every day is a great way to keep readers interested and attract a bigger audience. I

also moved the book from Sci-Fi to Teen Fiction, because it seemed to fit better, but that has lowered my ranking by quite a bit. It’s dropped to #148 in Horror, and seeing how long it’s taking to get back up makes me realise just how amazing it was to be at #18 last week. Now I’m even more determined to climb in the rankings.

Some pretty amazing things are happening for me over at wattpad, but I’ll save that news for later.

Until then, I’m going to keep writing Eva’s story and enjoy every second of it!

Happy Holidays!

Jen xo

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